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The total number of LPG fuelling stations in Poland totalled 6.350 units in 2008. It is estimated that 2008 saw installation of some 160.000 new gas systems in vehicles: this number, considering ca. 130.000 scrapped vehicles, stands for a net increase in new systems installed of 30.000. 

Green Convoy LPG

European Gas Independent Fuel Tour is an international undetaking, not in name only. In the Green Convoy LPG participated vehicles from Czech Republic, Latvia, Germany, Italy and Poland. The Convoy was accompanied by experts from 9 countries, specialists in the field of automotive and LPG, ecology and economy, including experts from Russia, Belgium, Luxemburg and even Australia, and also journalists. During 3 days participants of the Green Convoy LPG, covering a distance of 1000 km, passed through 8 voivodships and met 400 people presenting them the most recent market and technological developments and communicating valuable and reliable information on LPG.

In the first Green Convoy LPG, which started on September 14 from Gdansk, 12 vehicles took part from 5 countries: from Czech Republic - Peugeot Export ambulance, Fiat Scudo, Kaipan, from Latvia - Lewus RX300, from Italy - Jeep Grand Cherookee, from Germany - VW Bus T4 and from Poland  - BMW 740, Ford Mondeo, Renault Kangoo, Opel Astra GSI, Fiat Ducato and VOLVO FM9 Tunk truck. The visitors showed a great interest in Fiat Ducato with the diesel-gas system as well as Kaipan, sports two-seater cabriolet powered by LPG.

The First Green Convoy tour promoting vehicles powered by LPG held in Poland on September 14-16, 2009, was a great success!



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