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While the event was going on, there were questions about the next edition, and some declaration of participation were made. See Fotoalbum 2009 >>>


E-GIFT 2010 conferences held in Poland, that is to say:


  • 22 September (Wednesday) in Warsaw,
  • 23 September (Thursday) in Lublin,
  • 24 September (Friday) in Cracow and Wroclaw



E-GIFT 2010 conferences gained honorary patronage of Mr. Bernard Błaszczyk - Under-Secretary of State in the Ministry of the Environment of the Republic of Poland.


Leading topics of the conferences:






Each conference was accompanied by an exhibition of the Green Convoy vehicles and other apliances using LPG. The conference guests had the opportunity to see the real potential of LPG as well as the most recent market and technological developments.

The conferences and technical exhibitions (vehicles powered by LPG and other appliances using LPG) showed that the best way to reach recipients is a perfectly prepared professional information, confirmed by examples case studies for e.g. a large variety of different LPG powered vehicles. Subject of the conferences and the presentations prepared by the highest class experts, touched the most important problems regarding the Liquid Petroleum Gas sector and environment protection. Greenhouse effect is becoming a big problem in the world and LPG actively helps contribute to the mitigation of climate change and meet our environmental objectives as a society.


During this event new ideas were presented such as: Delta FUEL,  G, I, F, T points  words which certainly will find their place in the sector vocabulary. Important issues for the LPG sector were brought closer like diesel-gas, and for environment protection: pollutant emission calculator. Participants and guests established new, valuable relations, exchanged experiences and had the opportunity to feel personally the atmosphere of the event, which ruled from the first refuelling in Warsaw (Tuseday the 21st) up to the Gala banquet in ART Hotelin in Wroclaw (Friday the 24th) and also to the end in Madrid in Spain! This will stay in their memory  for a long time.


While the event was going on, there were questions about the next edition, and some declaration of participation were made.  We invite all interested about LPG to participate in E-GIFT 2011. Please reserve your time and budget.


E-GIFT is a unique event! See you next year at the E-GIFT 2011 Conferences!





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